Spur, Texas is a classic West Texas town on the wide open plains with a population of roughly 1,000 people. Uniquely proclaimed the Nation’s first “tiny” house friendly municipality and wired with fiber-optic high speed Internet, Spur is welcoming a new generation of pioneers with an open mindset.

Our community values freedom and independence but we also rely upon each other, you get a lot of friend waves and smiles here. There are several small restaurants, two gas stations (one that’s open 24/7), a library and a new school that offers Pre-kindergarten and K-12.

This website is made available through a group of residents – all walks of life – who welcome you and yours to explore the simple life and consider establishing a new home. Many of us work online or make the one hour-long drive to Lubbock weekly to provide services or sell locally made products. Spur is a place with very limited jobs, making it here requires resilience but the cost of living once established is much less than a big city.


Lots are available in Spur to those who wish to integrate, for those who can make it here and contribute to the town. If you have a tiny house, you are welcome to move it here but once on site the wheels must come off and it must be strapped to a foundation with hurricane straps. On average, a private lot will go for $1,500 and the cost of hiring local help to build the foundation, secure the home and connect to utilities is $3,000. From there, monthly operating costs can be as low as $250 including Internet, water, electricity, garbage and taxes with total costs including food at under $550. Dig into the site to learn more about Spur and reach out if you’re serious about visiting and establishing yourself in a way that is sustainable.